Computer Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Reese Computing offers both on-site and off-site computer troubleshooting and diagnostics for whatever kind of problem you are having on any brand of computer. Just tell me what you are having problems with and leave the rest up to me to figure out.

Computer Repairs

Reese Computing can troubleshoot your computer diagnosing the problem then correct the software issue or replace the hardware that failed or is failing. Sometimes it isn’t smart to just replace the hardware and at times the better option just might be to upgrade for better performance.

Computer Upgrades

Computer hardware designed these days does have a much longer life span than in the not so distant past but decisions still need to be made when upgrading different hardware. Let Reese Computing help you make those decisions whether to invest into upgrades or think about a new computer altogether.

Computer Purchasing Assistance

With all of the different computer technology that is out there it is easy to be confused with what the best options are for you when it comes to buying a new computer. Don’t make the mistake of walking into the one of the “big box stores” and grabbing something off the shelf or let the high school salesman talk you into options you don’t need. Reese Computing can sit down with you or discuss over the phone what the best options are for you based on your exact needs and requirements helping to understand all the technology jargon a little easier. Reese Computing specializes in Dell computers customized to your needs.

Computer Setup, Configuration & Migration

Computer Setup, Configuration & Migration”
So you finally took the leap and ordered your new computer and it has arrived – but what now? Let Reese Computing help you get your new computer setup, connected and configured with your all of your devices and most importantly; get all of your emails, documents and pictures off of your old computer and on to the new one. Reese Computing can help with each step of the way from just getting things plugged in to getting all of your previous software installed and working again like normal.

Operating System Upgrades

Most people only think about using a new operating system when they get a new computer at some point in time. With the excellent performance life of hardware these days even a computer a few years old can easily support the latest operating system. This not only gets you up to date with the latest features and security within the operating system but also enables things that your computer might not have been able to do before. Let Reese Computing help you determine if an operating system upgrade is worth it for your computing requirements or not.

Software Purchasing, Installation & Configuration

Usually purchasing and installing software is pretty straight forward and easy but sometimes there are other factors involved such as licensing, activation, special configuration and other things. Let Reese Computing help you acquire the best price for purchasing the software and then sit back and know that your new accounting software package or Autocad applications will be installed, licensed, activated, updated and configured to work correctly on your computer or over your network.

Antivirus Software Installation & Configuration

If you have a computer you need to have antivirus software installed on it – not just installed on it; you need to have an active subscription to receive new antivirus definitions to make sure that you are protected from the many new threats released every day. There are many different antivirus programs out there but some work and some don’t. Let Reese Computing recommend and purchase the best antivirus or security software for your specific computing needs and then rest assured that it is installed and configured correctly to keep your computer and network secure. Why worry about renewing your subscription each year. Reese Computing can do multi-year renewals and automatic renewals with a reminder to you when your subscription is about to expire and you don’t have to do a thing.

Virus & Malware Removal

When you start seeing strange pop up windows, fake security software telling you there are 1 million issues wrong with your computer, or random error messages it’s time to have your computer checked out. Viruses and malware are capable of deleting your files, locking your files and holding them for ransom until you buy some fake software, stealing credit card & bank information and even track each and every key that you press on your computer. With some infections they are capable of opening “back doors” in your system to invite other close friends in to join in the party and things can get really bad really fast. Even if you have antivirus software installed and working properly there are times things can still get through and cause havoc. Reese Computing has years of experience and the best tools to dig deep into your system and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t belong there.

Computer Cleanup & Optimization

Just like cars there are a handful of maintenance routines that should be done to keep your computer running as smoothly as possible but it is quite common for people to not know – just like cars; what that maintenance is that needs to be done or better yet how to actually do it. Whether your system is a few years old or a few months old any computer can see performance improvements by doing routine maintenance and optimizing what is installed and running on the computer. This is part of my standard service any time I work on a computer on-site or off-site but is still worth a special appointment if you can’t recall that last time maintenance was done on your computer.

Data Backup Planning & Data Recovery

Computers hold a lot of important data that plays a big part in our lives these days. Can you live without the data on your computers? Is it being backed up – correctly? Even if you are backing up your data to CD/DVDs or an external hard drive that really might not be enough. There are many ways to do backup and Reese Computing can discuss the different options with you and then help you implement the correct option. When backup plans aren’t in place and failure occurs you could be left with an operating system that won’t load and no way to access your data. Reese Computing can help recover your inaccessible data and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Wireless Network Setup, Configuration & Security

With more and more devices like Smartphones, iPods, Tablets and eBook readers able to operate on wireless networks it is almost a necessity to have a wireless network in your home. The problem is that many of the wireless routers and access points that are on the market now don’t make it very clear about how to really configure and secure your wireless network from unauthorized users. This can lead to problems – and in some cases can lead to legal issues if your internet connection is used for illegal purposes by unauthorized users. Let Reese Computing not only get your wireless network set up and configured to be secure but also to make sure that it is working the best that it can giving you the best wireless coverage in your home or business and working will all of the different wireless standards and your devices.

Wired Network Setup, Troubleshooting, Tracing & Identification

Beyond the wireless Reese Computing offers complete wired networking installation and configuration of routers and switches giving you an optimal backbone to your internal network. Already have an existing network but don’t know where it begins and where it ends? No problem. Reese Computing can trace and identify what cable runs where leaving you with a well documented network including cable tags, labels and documentation letting you know exactly how your network is structured.

Structured Network Cabling & Termination

If you are looking to start your network right from the beginning you need to understand the the right and wrong when it comes to running and terminating your network and voice cabling. Reese Computing can work from your office layout to determine and utilize the best routing for all data and voice cabling using the proper type of cable in the proper locations, terminate the cable in modular data and voice connection wall jacks and finally terminate to patch panels, switches or whatever type of proper wall mount or rack mount hardware is required within the central wiring location. All connections can then be tested and verified to make sure your network is off to an optimal start.

Custom Built Computers

For the times that the standard “big box” store computer just won’t cut it; Reese Computing can build you a custom computer for any purpose that you have in mind. All custom built computers built by Reese Computing offer a full 3 year warranty and utilize only the best hardware in the industry. All components are fully researched and verified to not only be compatible but offer the most performance possible. Gaming computer systems are a specialty of Reese Computing. If you are a PC gamer and are looking to upgrade to something that can handle all of the latest games let Reese Computing help. I have been an avid PC gamer for the last 12 years and I understand current game system requirements and what it takes to make your new gaming PC run the games as smooth and beautifully as possible.

Computers & Computer Equipment Recycling

If you are looking for a second hand computer that still has a little life left in it feel free to check with me. With various jobs I can sometimes collect a handful of systems that get cleaned up, reinstalled and have the hardware checked out for any issues in my spare time. There is typically no cost for a used computer unless you request additional hardware or software to be installed. I also will collect any computer equipment that you want to get rid of when I visit you on a service call. Throwing this electronic waste in the garbage can is not the correct way to dispose of it so by me taking it I will make sure that it makes it to a proper electronics recycling facility that will break it down properly.