A little about Reese Computing, myself and what the future has in hold.


Reese Computing is a personal computer & network consulting business owned and operated by myself; Joshua Reese since 2002. Computer technology seems to evolve at such an amazing pace these days and that can leave some people helpless with attempting to try and stay updated with computer hardware and network hardware technology. I understand that this technology is something that not everyone fully understands – or quite frankly cares to understand; and that is the reason people like myself are here. My purpose is to help others with their computer and network technology needs as they arise helping them keep their current technology running, invest in new technology that will last for years to come or really just try to answer any kind of computer and network related technology question that comes up.


Computer technology has been a strong interest of mine since I was young growing up with parents operating a graphic arts business. Having some of the latest Macintosh computers at a very young age it enabled me to constantly play around with different software and games that ran on them and I believe that is what originally sparked my interest in this technology. At that age I didn’t really understand how or why they worked they way they did but after graduating high school that side of computer technology became more interesting to me. I wanted to learn how the hardware worked on the inside. The desire to understand this lead me to attending South Hills School of Business and Technology in State College, PA graduating in 2003 with an Associates degree in Computer Information Systems majoring in Network Administration. Since then I have had the opportunity to work in larger corporate environment with a few hundred users as well as the task of managing smaller offices with a couple dozen users.


Although Reese Computing isn’t my primary job and I have another full time job that keeps me more busy than I wish sometimes I am still working with some customers around the area because I enjoy the satisfaction of helping others get their computer and networking issues resolved and helping individuals understand this great technology that literally runs our world these days. I don’t want to say that I am not taking on new customers but due to the busy schedules of life these days I am finding it harder and harder keep up with things. If I can be of help to you in some way please contact me for more information or browse around the Services page to see what I can offer you. I cannot promise emergency service but what I can promise is that you will receive quality work from an honest person at a reasonable price tag.