[toggle_framed title=”What are your hours of business?”]I do not have set hours of business. I do business when possible in my spare time. I currently have a full time job during the week and a few other network management roles around the area. I try to take care of customer service calls on Friday afternoons & Saturdays but depending on my schedule during the week I can also perform service calls in the evenings during the week if scheduled in advance.

If you are in need of emergency computer or network repair then I may not be the right person to call but I am willing to work around your schedule if you are willing to work around mine.[/toggle_framed]

[toggle_framed title=”Can I drop off my computer any time for service?”]Unfortunately no. I operate Reese Computing out of my home – and in my spare time; so it isn’t always feasible to have customers showing up unannounced. I kindly request that you make arrangements ahead of time over the phone or through email for me to come out to your home or business or schedule a time with me to come drop off a computer for service.[/toggle_framed]

[toggle_framed title=”Do you charge for phone or email support?”]Charging for phone or email support is determined on a case by case basis. I will be up front with you when the conversation is started and if the issue being discussed will take a considerable amount of time to troubleshoot or be researched then I will let you know a charge will be included. Email and phone support are both done on a case by case basis and will be handled as time permits.[/toggle_framed]

[toggle_framed title=”Will I get charged for travel time if you come out to my home or business?”]No, at this time I do not charge for travel time to and from a home or business.[/toggle_framed]

[toggle_framed title=”Will I get charged for mileage if you come out to my home or business?”]No, at this time I do not charge for mileage traveled to and from a home or business.[/toggle_framed]

[toggle_framed title=”What are your payment terms?”]Normal payment terms are NET 30 – or in other words payment is due 30 days after you receive your bill for services performed or parts purchased. I typically do my billing around the beginning of the month.

However, if you would like to pay me at the time of service or pickup that is fine too! I accept cash or check in person, checks through the mail and credit/debit cards online through PayPal.[/toggle_framed]

[toggle_framed title=”Do you accept credit cards for payment?”]Yes – but only online through [fancy_link link=”https:/www.paypal.com” target=”blank”]PayPal[/fancy_link]. Please see the Contact page for a link allowing you to “checkout”.

PayPal is a safe, secure and easy way to send money over the internet using a credit card, debit card or checking account and it is used by millions worldwide. Please note that I will never see your full credit card, debit card or checking account details when you use PayPal. That information is all kept private by PayPal and the process is simply just a transfer of money from one account to another from what I can see. That is what makes PayPal so secure.[/toggle_framed]